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This is the Plant Portal for the capture of your plant quadrat data. The site has two modes, one which follows the National Plant Monitoring Scheme methodology, and a "standard" mode for more general quadrat or plot recording.


The Plant Portal "Standard mode" is a flexible quadrat recording tool designed to allow advanced users to build custom monitoring projects  

Standard mode allows users to record using most common methodological variations found in quadrat-based plant monitoring.

Project design is not limited to particular spatial scales, plot types, or species lists. Standard mode also includes additional functionality such as historic sample uploads, and data publishing to GBIF.

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NPMS+ helps organisations to set up long-term plant and habitat monitoring to suit their requirements

Using existing methodology from the National Plant Monitoring Scheme, NPMS+ provides a framework for habitat and plant monitoring at a local level. The methodology is robust, repeatable, and has three ID levels.

Monitoring is not restricted to the 1 km square locations of the core NPMS. NPMS+ allows for self-selection of 1 km squares, without limits on number of squares or plot locations.

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